Menu card


Cold appetizers

150g Salmon steak tartar with fresh mixed 
5,90 Eur

salad and mozzarella

150g Steak tartar (prepared according to 
13,00 Eur


120g Pickled spicy camembert with onion
3,60 Eur

150g Tricolora with prosciutto and olives
4,90 Eur

cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella

Warm appetizers

80g Grilled Camembert with fresh salad   4,60 Eur

and cranberries

150g English vegetables with parmesan and fried egg 3,20 Eur

150g Spicy grilled chicken wings with „Taco“ sauce 4,00 Eur

and mixed salad


0,33l Chicken broth with chicken meat,
1,70 Eur

vegetable and noodles

0,33l Clear garlic soup with blue cheese
1,70 Eur

0,33l Clear garlic soup with egg and parmesan
1,90 Eur

Lindy Hop Collection

Served on grilled roll with vegetable garnish
200g - Beef tenderloin steak
11,90 Eur
200g - Marinated turkey steak
6,60 Eur
200g - Spiced chicken steak
6,30 Eur
200g - Grilled pork sirloin
6,90 Eur
120g - Grilled spicy camembert
5,50 Eur
150g - Salmon steak
6,90 Eur
120g - Chicken gyros meat
5,30 Eur
200g  - Grilled poultry mix (turkey and chicken meat) 6,50 Eur

Do not forget the right addition
50g cold dressing  warm sauce 1,00 Eur

- French dressing  - pfeffer  sauce

- yoghurt dressing with herbs  - cheese  sauce

- American dressing  - creamy sauce with

- yoghurt dressing    forest mushrooms

- sweet & spicy dressing  - cherry sauce

- garlic dressing  - roquefort sauce

… and garnish according to your wish

Special offer

(for 2 or more people)

„LINDY HOP“ BOWL                                        15,90 Eur

400g        Grilled meat mix with demi-glace sauce

(chicken breast, turkey breast and pork sirloin)
4pcs Toast 

150g Grilled vegetables

(colored pepper, onion, champignons and dried tomatoes)


150g Chicken breast Diana – with ham, cheese 5,90 Eur

and asparagus

150g Chicken madallions with gorgonzlola sauce 5,90 Eur

and corn

150g Grilled honey chicken nuggets with mixed salad 5,90 Eur

and parmesan

150g  Chicken breast with champignons 5,90 Eur

150g Fried chicken breast
5,90 Eur

(with ham and cheese - according to request)
150g Debrecen – fried chicken breast stuffed with ham 5,90 Eur

and cheese

150g Chicken breast with pear and smoked cheese 5,90 Eur

150g Stuffed chicken breast (prosciutto and roquefort 5,90 Eur

cheese ) with cream sauce
150g Chicken Stroganoff
5,90 Eur

(with pickles – according to request)


200g  Roasted pork „Laci“ – served on wooden plate, 5,90 Eur
  rosemary potatoes, horseradish, mustard,  

hot pepper, pickles 
150g „Montenegro“ steak in potato dough
5,90 Eur

200g Greek delicacy - pork sirloin medallions 6,90 Eur

with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and olives
150g  Viener pork schnitzel with butter 5,90 Eur

and lemon

150g  Pork slices with ham and fried egg
5,90 Eur


150g Beef tenderloin stroganoff 
7,90 Eur

200g  „Pfeffer“ tenderloin medallions with toast 9,50 Eur

200g Tenderloin slices with roastedred onion 9,90 Eur

and English bacon with demi-glace sauce
150g „Samurai“ sirloin slices with peas, 7,90 Eur

hot pepper and chilli in omelette

Fish & seafood

150g Grilled tuna fish with lemon-cheese sauce 5,90 Eur

150g Salmon with broccoli and blue cheese, 6,50 Eur

prepared au gratin

150g Grilled salmon with tarragon sauce 6,30 Eur

150g Poached zander with herb butter 6,90 Eur


Meatless meals

120g Fried camembert with cranberries
5,20 Eur

350g Vegetable VIP with tomatoes
4,90 Eur

and mozzarella prepared au gratin

300g Mushroom risotto with vegetable
4,90 Eur

150g Fried cheese (with ham – according to request) 5,30 Eur

250g Spiš pasties – with (bacon), onion and sour cream 4,90 Eur


320g Penne with chicken meat in gorgonzola sauce  5,90 Eur

320g Penne „Al pomodoro“ with parmesan 6,30 Eur

and chicken medallions
320g Pappardelle with basil pesto and grilled 6,50 Eur

chicken nuggets with parmesan
320g Pappardelle with spinach leafs, pancetta (it. bacon) 6,00 Eur

and Camembert

320g  Pappardelle with cream-lemon sauce                                       6,90 Eur

with grilled salmon


350g Pasta salad (farfalle) with chicken meat 5,90 Eur

260g Greek salad with olives
3,30 Eur

260g Shopsky salad with cheese
3,30 Eur

250g Light salad with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, 3,00 Eur

onion and parmesan

200g Mixed salad – iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, peppers,  2,20 Eur

cucumber, cheese

150g Coleslaw 
1,00 Eur

120g Cucumber salad
1,20 Eur


190g Pancakes stuffed with apple dip, served with vanilla 3,50 Eur

ice-cream, whipped cream and chocolate
130g Hot chocolate pie, served with peach ice-cream 3,50 Eur

and whipped cream 

100g Apple strudel with cinnamon-cream dip 2,10 Eur

Side dishes 

200g Boiled potatoes
1,20 Eur
200g Fire baked potatoes
1,50 Eur
200g Roasted potatoes
1,30 Eur
200g Pepper flavored roasted potatoes
1,50 Eur
200g  French fries
1,50 Eur
200g Mashed potatoes
1,50 Eur
160g Boiled rice
1,00 Eur
150g English vegetables
2,00 Eur
150g Grilled vegetables
2,50 Eur
30g Grated parmesan
1,50 Eur
30g Grated cheese
1,00 Eur
50g Tartar sauce
0,80 Eur
50g Spicy sauce
1,00 Eur
50g Tzatziki
1,00 Eur
50g Sour cream 
0,70 Eur
50g Horseradish
0,50 Eur
50g Mustard
0,50 Eur
50g Pickled hot pepper
1,00 Eur
70g  Pickles 
0,70 Eur
50g Olives
1,00 Eur
30g Bread, pastry
0,20 Eur
50g Cold dressing 
1,00 Eur

(French, yoghurt with herbs, American, 

yoghurt, sweet & sour, garlic)
50g  Warm sauce 
1,00 Eur

(pfeffer, cheese, creamy with forest mushrooms,

sour cherry, roquefort)

COUVERT BASKET – for your own seasoning 0,50 Eur
(Ketchup, Maggi sauce, Tabasco, Sweet chilli, soy sauce)
Portable thermobox
0,40 Eur 
Portable soup jar
0,20 Eur 

Waiting time for food is 40 minutes unless otherwise stated.
Meat weight refers to the weight of raw meat before procesing. 
For credit card payment, please notify in advance.
Dear customers, to guarantee the quality of meals, it is not possible to change their weight.
Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to seeing you again.

Lindy Hop

Club & Restaurant

Obchodné centrum Galéria Košice

Toryská 5

040 11 Košice


T: 0911030123




              RAŇAJKOVÝ LÍSTOK


                  100g         Syrový tanier zdobený zeleninkou              2,50€          

                100g         Šunkový tanier zdobený zeleninkou            2,50€    

                120g        Omeleta so šampiňónmi                               2,50€  

                120g        Omeleta so šunkou                                       2,50€   

                120g        Praženica na cibuľke so slaninkou               2,50€  

                120g       Praženica na cibuľke so šunkou                    2,50€       

                120g      Pečená šunka s vajíčkom                               2,50€  

                120g     Pečená slaninka s vajíčkom                            2,50€  

                150g      Frankfurtské párky                                        2,50€   

                300g    Chlieb vo vajíčku so šunkou a syrom               2,50€